Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows; two of the top natural settings in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Surrounded by Golden Ears and Coast Mountain this particular range exhibits a unique and breathtaking beauty captured within each season. The area has some of the best neighborhoods around that thrive with a splash of life.

Best Area to Live in Maple Ridge, BC

The neighborhoods of Thornhill, Cottonwood, and Albion, BC have some of the most terrific housing developments in Maple Ridge. While Silver Valley has a charming mix of both older and newer more cost-efficient homes.

Maple Ridge home


Thornhill, Cottonwood, and Albion are near Kanaka Creek and Golden Ears Elementary. While Silver Valley is within driving distance to schools. North West Maple Ridge has close schools such as Laity View, Glenwood Elementary, and Maple Ridge Secondary.


There are many family fun areas in Maple Ridge. The neighborhoods of Thornhill, Cottonwood, and Albion are all close to the Albion Fairgrounds which also houses the sports complex and fields. Along the Fraser River, you may also enjoy Kanaka Creek Park.

Near Silver Valley, there are some great parks for families to enjoy like WildPlay Element Park, Maple Ridge Park. You might also enjoy taking a drive through Golden Ears Provincial Park if you are into beautiful and breathtaking forests. Or you can relax at Alouette Lake out on the water or enjoy the campgrounds. There is also the option of relaxing fishing trips to Pitt Lake.

Lake in Maple Riddge, BC

Is Maple Ridge a Safe Place to Live

Every neighborhood in Maple Ridge has a thriving family-centered community. Where everything is easily accessed by places such as The Golden Ears Way, the Golden Ears Bridge, and the Trans. Canada Highway.

The members of the communities are active and connected even with a population that is just shy of a hundred thousand and growing every day. There is so much room for expansion in ‘maple Ridge that eventually many Canadian families will reside there in the future.

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