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Isolation is one skill that is difficult to master while learning to apply for eyelash extensions. It’s imperative for you to learn this skill since they give eyelashes a chic and sleek look. This is the main reason why many top-notch lash training programs require their students to get their certification in eyelash extensions before introducing them to other techniques.

The fundamental technique of isolation should be mastered before you attempt learning more advanced techniques such as Volume fans. It’s important to note that it will take a considerable amount of time and practice before you become proficient with this extraordinary technique. We will now cover some tips that can help you create full and glamorous eyelashes without any difficulty. Following these eyelash extension application tips and tricks can help you become a talented cosmetologist.

Use the Correct Tools

Having the correct tools at your disposal will play a significant role in your success. It would be a big mistake for you to focus your attention on cheap options. There’s an old saying, “You cannot buy steak with hamburger money.” This applies to the world of cosmetology. Buy products that have great reviews, and never avoid investing in exceptional eyelash extension supplies.

It’s also vital for you to use tools that compliment your level of experience. Don’t try to use an adhesive that dries fast if you don’t have any experience with isolation. A fast drying adhesive will make it difficult for you to re-position the extensions.

long eyelash extensions

Introduce Yourself to the Eyelash Community

Networking is the key to advancing in the eyelash community. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. Getting help from experienced cosmetologists will increase your confidence and raise your skill level. Many experienced stylists will be more than happy to help you. You can find them in Facebook groups and forums.

Practice on Live Models

Practicing on mannequins, in the beginning, will get you off to a great start, but you should work on live models if you are serious about mastering the eyelash extension applications tips and tricks. For example, real people will move around and twitch their eyes while you’re working. Practicing with your family members, friends, and co-workers will help you get better.

eyelash extension completion from a Pitt Meadows resident

Make Certain the Adhesive is Dry before Proceeding

Eyelashes stick and clump together during an application if the adhesive does not dry and give the extension enough time to bond with the isolated eyelash. Many novice stylists make this simple mistake. You should hold the extension in place firmly for a few moments after it makes contact with the natural lash.

It will help to go back and forth between the eyes so that the eyelashes won’t bind together. In this case, you’ll be applying for an extension on a single eyelash on the right eye and proceed with working on the eyelash on the left eye.

Take Your Time

It’s vital that you take your time throughout the entire process. You will become an isolation expert if you practice daily, use excellent tools, and take advantage of your resources. Our Lash Like a Pro offers invaluable advice on Volume Lashes, brow extensions, and Classic lash extensions. You will succeed after being exposed to the best eyelash extension application tips and tricks.