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Eyelash Extension Application

Some people will fall asleep while the eyelash extensions are being applied since it is the sort of process that is very relaxing. For basic client care beauty, it makes sense to get a consultation appointment first to make sure that everyone involved gets the desired look.

The semi-permanent eyelashes are genuinely applied one lash at a time, so this is a process that could take a long time. The bottom eyelashes will be taped down during the whole procedure, and this will stop them from getting in the way of what is happening with the upper lashes since people will typically get eyelash extensions on their upper eyelashes.

People will lie back and relax on the medical bed while the expert adds all of these eyelash extensions, and that will make it even easier for everyone who gets eyelash extensions to fall asleep during the procedure.

However, it should still not take longer than ninety minutes or so for people to get all of the eyelash extensions that they want. Some people will only make appointments for touch-ups, and these will take about thirty minutes or so.

The eyelash extensions will vary according to their length. The longest of the eyelash extensions will always go in the middle. The shorter eyelash extensions will go towards the corner of the eye. This will create the sort of balanced look that a lot of people will like.

People will typically need around forty or fifty eyelashes for each eye. Some people might need more than that. Eyelashes range from 7 mm to 16 mm regarding size. After getting them, it is always essential to follow eyelash extensions home care advice.

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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Instructions

After getting the eyelash extensions, it is essential to avoid going to the spa or going swimming for two days, or at least one day. Some people should ideally avoid washing their faces too slowly as well. Water will interfere with the bonding process. People who regularly rub their eyes should stop for at least a day.

Mechanical eyelash curlers entirely cannot be used on eyelash extensions. These are only going to damage the eyelash extensions. It makes more sense to get eyelash extensions that have the appropriate texture, to begin with since people will run into issues with damaging their eyelash extensions otherwise.

A heated eyelash curler might be able to help the people who are trying to get more dramatic eyelash curls with their eyelash extensions. However, “otherwise, people will run into issues with damaging their eyelash extensions shortly after getting them if they curl them.” according to The Naked Truth Skin Care.

Oil-based cosmetics will only cause the eyelash adhesive to dissolve. Oil-based mascara, in particular, is a problem in this case. Water-based facial cleansers are also essential to use instead of the alternatives. People need to be as gentle as possible with their eyelash extensions.

People should also avoid going to tanning salons as much as possible. In addition to the fact that tanning can cause a lot of health problems and is falling out of favor, the heat can destroy the adhesive for the eyelash ext positions.

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