At the turn of the fall and winter months, we are usually apprehensive of what exactly to anticipate; This stems from the extremely harsh weather that mainly forces us to stay indoors. However, you ought not to worry at all, not even if you are a resident in the Vancouver area.

We have identified and are going to discuss the other activities that may equally of benefit to you in Vancouver, Canada this season.

Fun things to do in Langley at night..

Golf Square and Club house

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This golf course is always open for tournaments year-round; This sets it apart from all the other golf courses that tend to close shop at this time. Golf Square and Clubhouse also stems from its state-of-the-art Golfzon 3D simulators. This simulator is the most advanced in Canada at the moment. It also enables you to ‘play’ on the world’s leading golf courses without having to travel there personally. Other than playing the game of golf, the facility also provides you with foods and drinks in the comfortable and stylish lounge.

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Langley Event Center

No other facility makes your falls and winters more worthwhile than this Langley Event Center. Indeed the facility provides numerous opportunities including not limited to cheering, watching tournaments, and playing games.

Some of the major tournaments that take place in this place are National Lacrosse Association, Trinity Western University basketball, and volleyball tournaments, as well as indoor walking tracks for you to exercise.

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Fast Track Indoor Karting

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Located off Production Way in Langley, this indoor facility is constructed primarily for speed and indoor racing. The facility opens its doors at 10:00 am and closes at midnight each day. You may book the facility individually or as a group. The facility is the permanent venue for the Sodi RT 8 Kart and can accommodate vehicles whose top speeds are 75km/h.

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Extreme Air Park

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Moments of freezing weather are disconcerting. As such, you will generally find it daunting to get an activity that can keep you warm and active. This park is the need that the Extreme Air Park is designed for and intended to meet. It does comprise a sizeable indoor sporting facility. This facility enables you, together with your friends, to stay active and have as much fun as you possibly can.

It is lined with trampoline and contains a large jumping area. It also comprises a half pipe, basketball hoops, foam pit, and three trampoline dodgeball courts. The facility opens its doors till 10 pm every weekday and till midnight every on Fridays and Saturdays. It, therefore, caters for a wide variety of participants and visitors.

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Planet Lazer – The Great Escape

Planet Lazer’s location is at the intersection of 200 street and Logan Avenue in Langley. This facility livens the Lazer Tag area to the maximum possible extent. By far the most outstanding event that takes place at the facility is the Ultimate Game. This game incorporates 50 players that occupy three-floor levels and spread out through 16,000 square foot of the playing arena.

The gaming actions emanate from all the four sides and take the form of hide-and-seek. It opens its doors at 3:00 pm and closes it at 10:30 pm on school nights; and 10:30 am to 10:30 pm on weekends, public holidays, and Pro-D days.

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Please note that the fun things to do in Langley at night we have discussed above are not all that the pleasant district of Langley may have to offer to you. The community is indeed with many other resources which you may find equally gratifying. Why don’t you consider visiting the area soon? You will not regret that step at all!

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