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 The Maple Ridge Museum has it all. If you want to learn about the history, culture, and artifacts of the area, this is the place to frequent.

The museum used to be located at the corner of the library, and it has since moved to a more permanent location at 22520 116th Avenue in Jim Hadgkiss Park. This is a beautiful location that is close to the Fraser River.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum’s hours have been reduced, and it is now open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. There used to be an event called Train Days on the last Sunday of the month, but it has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

There will be a free donation concert called music on the Wharf during the summer. This entails live music at Port Haney Wharf. This concert happens a few times during the summer. There are also other events that the museum puts on.

The top floor of the museum has cases with artifacts. There is a model train village in the basement, which is certainly an interesting sight to be seen.

All of the artifacts have been donated by various members of the community. There are even artifacts dating back to when the First Nations people lived on the land. A person can learn a lot about history through informative write-ups in the museum.

The Maple Ridge Museum of Maple Ridge, BC, is managed by the Maple Ridge Historical Society. This organization also operates the Haney Museum.

One advantage to visiting during these tumultuous times is that the museum is free. It did have a very nominal fee before, around three dollars for adults and two dollars for children.

Those who want to learn more about the Maple Ridge, BC area should check this place out. It is a treasure trove of information and sights.

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