Many people are not aware of microblading so don’t feel bad if you have a bunch of question marks circling your head right now about this semi-permanent makeup. It is a technique similar to tattooing, used to define, reconstruct or fill in over-plucked eyebrows. Unlike tattoos, it is semi-permanent and creates natural-looking eyebrows. The outcome is such subtle thanks to the delicate strokes that mimic natural hairs; onlookers will never know the difference.


brow microblading

The process can take up to two hours and is very meticulous. A specialist uses a unique microblading pen to draw individual strokes one y one. Careful attention is given to the strokes because the results can last as long as three years, so they need to look good. The first step involves drawing the shape of the desired brow with a removable pencil. This takes the longest and is the most critical because the client needs to be completely satisfied with their customized brow.

For the microblading, a numbing cream is applied to keep any discomfort to a minimum. Then a liquid anesthetic is used. Even with this application, you may feel some discomfort, but the procedure is painless. After the process is complete, there is no downtime required; your new brows will be selfie-ready, and you can head out to that dinner date you were looking forward to. It is recommended to follow-up within a month of your appointment because the healing process that includes the scabbing after microblading differs for each person and can last anywhere between 25 and 35 days.

What To Know Before You Go

There are some pre-appointment applications you need to be aware of to ensure the microblading experience is the best. In the two weeks before your appointment, stop using any skin thinners on the areas around your brows. These include any product containing vitamin A, glycolic acids or any exfoliation measures. 48 hours before the process do not consume any caffeine, alcohol or blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen. These can cause excessive bleeding which will interfere with the process and likely affect the results.

If you already know how you want the shape of your brows to be, you can go to the appointment with them already drawn. This way the specialist can match the form that you are previously used to. Be aware that if you are in the middle of your menstrual cycle, there is a chance of hypersensitivity, so you may want to schedule your appointment accordingly. Double check that the area around the brows is clear and free from blemishes because you will not be able to microblade over them. Also, you cannot microblade over moles or scars either, so make a note of that when choosing your brow shape.

After The Procedure

Often this is a multiple step process, so do not expect your brows to heal correctly after your first session. Your eyebrows will appear different each day during the two week recovery period so be patient during this process. Right after the microblading, your brows will be darker and very defined for at least two weeks. It is also normal for your eyebrows to appear more robust and individual strokes may disappear.

After 4 or 5 days, you will notice flaking around the brow area but do not pick them for any reason. You need to let any dry skin fall off naturally. Anything pulled prematurely can result in missing hair strokes, which causes a patchy row appearance. Overall healing time will be between 6 and eight weeks, and when the flaking is complete, your brows may seem lighter. This is because a fresh layer of skin has grown over the microblading. Do not fret, after a few weeks; the hair strokes will become clear again.

You may experience itchy skin around the area for up to 10 days after the initial healing period is over which is a regular part of the healing dermal layer. The hair strokes will heal differently based on your skin type so do not expect yours to be as clean and crisp as your friend’s. Oily skin types tend to recover more solid and powdery looking while the dry skin heals more crisp and defined. If you also happen to bleed, then you may need more touch-ups than usual because of the blood rushes the pigment from the skin.

Microblading Touch Up Aftercare

Now that you have new brows, you can sit back and relax or go show them off to the world. In fact, doing nothing and resting has proven to give the best after-care results. Be sure to keep your brow area dry for three to five days, meaning you need to take care when washing your face and hair. Keep all cosmetic products away from your new brows until they are fully healed, which cane anywhere between one and two weeks.

Your skin may feel dry and tight around day 3 or 5 of recovery so if this is uncomfortable; then you can apply a minimal amount of coconut oil, aloe vera or vitamin E cream to the area. Be sure to keep any moisturizing of the city to an absolute minimum during the healing phase. It is essential to follow all after-care instruction given by the specialist carefully because they are critical to the proper healing of the area as well as color retention.

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What Not To Do

  • Avoid overexposure to the sun during healing; UV rays can alter the pigment
  • Do not use cleansers or soaps around the area; use a cleaning cloth or makeup wipe instead
  • Do not run water directly over your brows, especially during the first few days to avoid losing any pigment
  • Avoid saunas, pools and steam rooms
  • No makeup-creams or exfoliants in the brow area for two weeks
  • Do not use Vaseline, Neosporin or any petroleum-based products
  • Avoid facials, massages or skin treatments into fully healed
  • Do not use laser therapy on your brows because this will distort the pigment
  • Avoid retinol acids or AHA on the area for 30 days as these will fade the color permanently
micro blading

Touch Ups

There are two touches up sessions. The first is to build shape and gain symmetry and needs to be done within two months of the original session. The second contact up perfects the brows and adds density. Depending on the result you are looking for, you may require additional touch up past these two. Remember that micro-blading is in high demand and it can take two months even to get an appointment. It is your responsibility to schedule these so plan accordingly. If you wait too long and your brows end up faded, be aware that some places will add additional charges. Brow pigment does not look as bold on darker skin, and some surface has a more terrible time holding dye; each of these situations can cause you to require additional touch up sessions.

Long-Term Care

Because of the variance in skin types, colors and textures there is no guarantee given. Additionally, your lifestyle and after-treatment care will affect the results in ways the specialists cannot be responsible for. Always protect your brows from the sun using SPF 50 sunblock and avoid using chemical exfoliants in the brow area because these cause is fading. Also, avoid using lasers because these can drastically alter the brow color. The hair strokes will usually last between one and five years, depending on aftercare, and regular maintenance is required to keep your desired appearance. The better you take care of your new rows, the longer they last and better they look.

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