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Does Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal When Pregnant

Being pregnant comes typically with a myriad of problems. There usually is a lot of advice from different parties on how a woman needs to handle herself during that process.

From medical professionals, family members and even yoga teachers, they all offer advice on what to eat, what cosmetics to avoid, what exercises to do, etc.

Our primary interest though is the medical bit of it. Is laser hair removal safe when trying to conceive?

This question is well answered by the American Pregnancy Association. It states that there are no published studies yet that link safety between pregnancy and laser hair removal procedures. So one cannot argue on the basis that laser hair removal is safe or not safe on pregnant women, several women have undergone laser hair removal procedure during pregnancy and no ill effect that I have ever read, or head about to firmly conclude that it’s a no-no hair removal process.

Therefore many doctors recommend avoiding the procedure during pregnancy, thinking caution is better taken to guard against unforeseen dangers. I prefer the cautious approach because it makes perfect sense to me. If as a person you are then concerned about the ill effect better shun away from the procedure till later.

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Can Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy?

Hair re-growth varies from woman to woman, for most woman hair does not re-grow faster during the pregnancy period, but the process is accelerated after birth. Giving birth triggers several hormones, depending on the amount and type of hormone released by your body, there’s no guarantee that hair you’ve treated won’t grow after giving birth.

Having said all that, different women have different experiences, some don’t experience any body hair re-growth post-pregnancy, while others experience noticeable hair growth in areas that were previously treated.

Few women experience hair growth in areas that hair has never grown before, including the face, and around the belly. Others change of hair color and texture is experienced.

What happened if am in the middle of treatment and become pregnant?

There is nothing to worry about; indeed, there is no evidence that suggests that your baby is in any danger. However, you should be able to arrange for a pause in your treatments until after the pregnancy, or sooner till you are done with breastfeeding if you want to be extra safe.

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Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Laser Hair Removal

One of the main reasons some women even consider removing hair with laser during pregnancy is that their unwanted hair is growing faster and even thicker than what they’re used to because of hormonal changes.

Pregnancy is something special and delicate in every woman’s life, so one needs to be careful however much there is no scientific evidence that ties laser hair removal to negatively affecting pregnancy, it’s just best not to take the risk.

There still are options that can’t expose you to risk such as waxing and shaving during this exciting time in your life. Return to laser hair removal after giving birth.

Article was written by The Naked Truth Skin Care Clinic