How microblading is done and what’s the hype?

microblading faq

First let’s start with the “what is,” portion of this blog…So what is microblading and how is it done? Essentially, microblading is the implantation of pigment to the second layer of the skin in the brow. Remember the days where people used to say there are seven layers of skin? I used to hear this all the time as a kid; well the fact is there are really only three. The first layer is the epidermis and sheds on the regular, this layer is not a great place to apply pigment. We can chat more about this another time but for those of you that have a quick fade to your new brows, this could be one of the reasons to get eyebrows microbladed.

The second layer, the coveted layer, the layer that matters in all matters of the skin is the dermal layer and this is where we want the pigment to sit and stay put.

How the implantation takes place on your brow area?

Now back to implantation, how does this happen? First, the microblading technician will choose the correct tool for you. There are definitely some options to choose from here. A microblade in fact is not indeed actually a blade but rather it is a group of pins that are soldered together in a row to form the shape of a blade. The number of pins can vary as well as the angle of the blade. I personally like to work with a range of pins. I like the 9 -pin for a finer brow and a 14-pin for a bolder look. There are also U-shaped pins that can really enhance the detailed work of semi permanent brows. What’s a U shape? It’s literally where the pins are placed side by side so the entire blade makes the shape of a U (more like an upside-down U to be honest)

Okay, all of this can get a little boring if I’m not careful so let’s keep on track. Implantation occurs when the tech dips there selected tool into their selected colour and literally pushes the blade and the colour into the skin, (I am trying to steer clear of the word slicing here, so imagine if you will some gentle scratching.) It can actually kind of feel and sound like a cat is indeed scratching you up there but, If your microblading technician has taken good care of you then the pain should be fairly minimal; and by “take care,” I mean if they’ve numbed you beforehand working your brows. I’ve done it myself “sans numbing” (lack of time and all) and although I didn’t find it too awful, it does have a bite so be sure to opt-in on the numbing cream option.

I guess you’re also wondering if you walk in, lay down and walk out with your microblading tech’s favourite set of brows. If you find a place like this maybe doesn’t go there. Brows are a process not to be taken lightly. This is not the microblading artists’ time to shine by giving you the brows they would’ve wanted had they been blessed your face. They are the pros yes, this is true but you deserve a say otherwise it’s like letting the hairdresser decide how much to cut or what colour to do. An experienced microblading artist will listen to your thoughts and even take guidance from any pictures you may have brought with you. (this is not a bad idea so long as you remember no two people are the same and even the same set of brows will look different on different eyes)

A formal microblading consultation can often lead to a drawn-in brow so you can see what you might be in for should you go through with the process. Let’s just say, however, that you don’t have time for a consult beforehand or you’re that person who needs to act fast before minds are changed, or your favourite microblading artist is busy, busy, busy, but just had a cancellation and can finally fit you in. This doesn’t mean you don’t get a microblading consult. It just means it’s an all-in-one appointment.

Microblading at The Naked Truth

Our very talented technician will map out your brow bone, paying careful attention to the symmetry of your face and your desired thickness. Together you will choose a color that best matches your hair or best gives you the desired effect you are looking for.

What you need to know about the design of your brows when microblading

Together you and the artist will discuss shape and colour, so fear not the risk of getting some random eyebrow you didn’t ask for. The pros will keep you fully looped in, from the first measure of the brow to the first and last stroke of pigment.

Now that’s sort of what to expect in a quick nutshell so to speak, but the title of this blog asks what all the hype is about eyebrows microblading and whether or not it’s worth it. The simple truth or rather the Naked Truth Skin Care to that question is YES…..and NO! Okay not so simple, then right?

Yes, yes, yes… a wholehearted YES for the sufferer of the thinning brow or the overachiever who plucked every last hair from their youth. Yes, to those who just simply were not blessed with quite enough hair to adequately frame their face and have been struggling to fill them in with some sort of pencil or powder for years, each day trying to nail down that perfect look.

You are all candidates and for you, the microblading hype is every bit what it should be. Gone are the days of guessing where the brow line should be. Modern colour choices will have you feeling like you have been naturally blessed with the perfect brow.

What do you need to know before finally deciding on microblading your skin?

So why Yes and No you wonder? That’s simple, okay I have said that before but this time I mean it. There are so many young beauties out there jumping on board with current trends and microblading bushier brows into already bushy enough brows. I can’t even begin to count how much unnecessary brow art I’ve seen out there. And worse, they’re not even the greatest. It’s like the microblading artist took a perfect set of brows and made them just a little bit worse. More importantly, they made a semi-permanent decision that now requires yearly maintenance and why you wonder? Usually, it all boils down to,” give em what they want,” with a little, “that’s business babe,” tied in. Everyone has to make a living, right? Well, I am of the opinion that there is a big enough pie out there for all those deserving to have a fair slice and telling someone they should do their brows when they don’t really need to is asking for a piece too big.

This loops us back into the eyebrow microblading consultation. Sit with your artist, be patient with your decisions, do your homework, and follow the correct healing process. Make sure the microblading hype is right for you and not just “hype.”

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