How To Use Monat Intense Repair Treatment

The Monat Company produces a product line known as Let It Grow treatment to stimulate the natural hair follicles to boost hair growth. Monat’s product line consists of Monat Intense Repair treatment shampoo, which is used as a leave-in scalp spray.

The shampoo is known as Monat intense repair treatment. The ingredients used in making the products are free from fragrances, sulphates, PEG, DEA, and parabens because they are components known for skin irritation. One of Monat Let It Grow products’ market partners recommend this product saying that it can be used by anyone looking for strong and healthy hair.

What makes this product different from Minoxidil?

Intense repair treatment is easy to apply on the scalp and is not messy like other liquids or foams that depend on the dropper applicator. All you have to do is pick up your spray and apply it directly to the area you want it to be. Moreover, the product doesn’t clog, making it even more suitable for the job. It locks in moisture to the hair protecting your scalp from drying up. 

It also contains butylenes glycol, an organic and humectant used by people to help the rest of the critical ingredients dissolve in water quickly. This allows the product to thin and hence easy spreading. The oils available in the treatment are used as water catchment components that prevent the treatment from drying your skin. This is the last thing you could say is an irritating ingredient in this beauty product. 

How is it different from vitamins used in hair?

The Monat intense repair treatment is meant for the scalp and not the hair. On the other hand, the vitamins are usually used together with other hair treatments to help nourish the inside’s hair. The Monat treatment has small particles of molecules that enable its ingredients to go deep down to the hair follicle and the cuticle, thus nourishing all three hair layers. 

Monat intense repair shampoo


A gentle sulfate-free all natural shampoo with an invigorating blend of rosemary oil and mint that delivers an intense clean to you scalp.

Monat Intense Repair shampoo

Ingredients used in making Monat intense treatment:

  1. Water: Usually referred to as Aqua, it is the common skincare component used by almost all beauty products. It is the first thing you can identify in any beauty product and always at the top of the list. This means that water plays a significant role compared to the other ingredients. However, it only serves one purpose: being a solvent and used in products that do not dissolve in oils but water.
  2. Butylene Glycol: You will find this abbreviated to BG. The ingredient is a colourless multi-tasking liquid. It creates a pleasant feeling in the product. Primarily, it is used to dissolve other ingredients. However, given that it is multi-tasking, it is used to create a fast-absorbing product, acts as a slip agent, and even a humectant.
  3. Acetyl tetrapeptide: This ingredient is added to the product to stimulate the extracellular matrix, a component between the skin cells. Above all, this ingredient is beneficial in that it prevents your hair from falling off. 

The list of ingredients is not exhaustive and below are more ingredients used in making Monat intense treatment.

  • Benzyl alcohol
  • Dextran
  • Glycerin
  • PVP
  • Dehydroacetic acid

Monat Intense repair Treatment spray
Monat intense repair treatment spray


The ultimate in hair growth stimulation.  An intense daily leave-in treatment, perfect for anyone experiencing loss of her density.

How to use the Monat intense treatment: 

  • The first thing you need to do with your hair is applying shampoo. Dry the hair using a towel.
  • Please pick up your Monat intense treatment and spray it directly to your scalp one section of the head at a time. You can massage the scalp to ensure that the spray is evenly distributed to the scalp. 
  • After finishing, do not rinse it off with water or any liquid for that matter.
  • Use a hair straightener of a blow-dry to dry it off. Style your hair if you think it is necessary, and then you are good to go.
  • Follow the same procedure when you want to apply the treatment to your hair.
  • You must apply it two times a day if you want to see instant and maximum results. 

To sum up, Monat intense repair treatment is the absolute solution to your hair problem. With the best ingredients used and its small molecular structure, the product has helped individuals maintain strong and healthy hair. Most people who have used this product could attest to it having worked within a short period. It is important to note that you cannot purchase this product at every store but in Monat market partners only who offer it at affordable prices. One-piece goes for $65, and the results are worth the price.