In the past, people were convinced that thin eyebrows were better than bushy ones. As such, they plucked and waxed their brows to achieve this. But, today things have changed. Thanks to microblading treatments and eyebrow enhancing makeup, people can now achieve bigger and bolder arches.

Now, brow regrowth serums are beauty products that have raised a lot of debate among individuals. Well, there isn’t a single product that has been scientifically proven to work on re-growing eyebrows. But, testimonials say that some general hair growth products are effective, which one could use if they want bushy eyebrows. This article explains all the fundamental things you should know about eyebrow serum. Read on to learn more about this beauty product.

Does Brow Regrowth Serum Really Work?

The best eyebrow growth serums are a product designed to promote the growth of brow hair. Many people are using it to get bushy eyebrows. And most reviews about this product confirm that it works. While the evidence is anecdotal, many brow growth serums in the market have consistently earned five-star ratings from users who claim they are effective.

Eyebrow growth serums contain vitamins such as panthenol and biotin, peptides and oils that help strengthen and moisturize brow hairs. Although these ingredients will not make new hair grow, they help in preventing existing hair from falling out. As such, your brows appear fuller and thicker when using these products. However, you should look for brow serums that contain peptides as a strengthening formula, which promotes hair follicles, amino acids, vitamins that strengthen hair, and hyaluronic acid to soften and condition your hair.

But, while these products work, experts advise that you be cautious. Note that although they may be safe to use on the skin, one should ensure that they don’t come in contact with their eyes.

How Long Does Eyebrow Serum Take to Work?

Eyebrow serum, like all other beauty treatments, needs time to work its magic. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect instant results. Most serums take between 8-12 weeks. But, you have to use it consistently otherwise the growth cycle will go back to normal when you stop.

Note that eyebrows grow at a slower rate compared to scalp or body hair. Experts say that it’ll take approximately 65 days for brow hair to regrow after plucking for teenagers. And it’ll take longer for older people.

Individuals are advised to apply the product daily for better and consistent results. But, because products vary, you should follow the instructions indicated on the serum you’re using.

What Happens If You Stop Using Eyebrow Serum?

You have to continuously use the serum. If you stop, your brows return to their normal growth cycle and you’ll not notice the crazy results. The serum only gives your eyebrows a boost when they’re growing in their growth cycle. Therefore, the effect isn’t permanent. As soon as one discontinues the use of this product, their brows return to their normal state.



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5 FAQS about Eyebrow Growth Serum

Does eyebrow growth serum work?

Yes. Most eyebrow serums have ingredients that are good for brows. Some effective ingredients include vitamins like biotin that promotes hair growth, peptides that promote healthy hair follicles, and amino acids that are protein building blocks that hair is made of.

Can I use eyelash growth serum on my growth?

Yes. But this entirely depends on the product you’re using. Some eyelash serums can work on both lashes and brows. However, don’t assume that this is the case with all serums. Always read the directions for application since some eyelash products contain ingredients that aren’t good for brows.

Are there side effects of using eyebrow growth serum?

Some products can irritate sensitive areas of your eyes. It’s why you should research the ingredients of a particular product before using it on your skin. Common side effects include itchy eyes, redness, eyelid discoloration, and drooping. These effects are mostly experienced with products that contain prostaglandin and isopropyl cloprostenol. It’s always advisable that you use a serum that’s safe and contains a natural formulation.

How do I use the growth serum?

For best results, one is advised to use it daily, preferably at night before going to bed. You can also apply in the morning before doing your makeup. However, because products are different, it’s recommended that you read the instructions of the serum you’re using.

How do I apply brow serum?

Most products come with instructions on how to apply them. You should begin by cleansing your face then apply a thin coat of the serum on your eyebrows, their lower edge, or the areas that you want hair to grow. Additionally, you can gently pat the serum into your eyebrows while it is still moist then give it time to dry.

Final Thoughts

If you’re experiencing thinning or hair loss, a brow serum could help with these hair growth problems. It boosts the natural growth of your brows, and so long as your hair follicles are intact, one is guaranteed natural results. With regular application, your sparse or weak hair can become thicker and fuller within several weeks. However, because of the potential side effects, it’s always good to determine the ingredients of a particular product before using it.

Written by The Naked Truth Microblading Team