Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Is it Right For You?

There has been an upswing in individuals seeking laser hair removal; therefore, entrepreneurs and providers of aesthetic products have naturally been taking an interest in and querying about the favored treatment. Below is a master list of frequently asked questions about laser hair removal: all the knowledge you need in one place:

Why is laser hair removal so popular with patients?

In Canada, unwanted hair, whether it is on the hands, upper lip, bikini area, feet or arms, back, and legs, is a significant source of cosmetic torment. Many individuals are tired of repeatedly removing unwanted hair through painful and tedious techniques like shaving, tweezing and waxing. In response, there has been a high demand for this type of hair reduction.

Who is laser hair removal recommended for?

Both men and women can have this procedure done. The majority of women want to remove hair from their legs, bikini area, and underarms. Men are typically more interested in reducing hair on their necks and backs.

When they were initially introduced, the procedure carried out by the hair removal lasers was intended for patients with dark hairs and light skin. However, revolutionary technologies effectively and safely remove hair from patients of all hair colors and skin types.

Explain the standard procedure?

During treatment, bright flashes of light are emitted, via a light-based system, into the skin at the site of the unwanted hair. The light energy is absorbed by the hair follicles, it heats up and becomes damaged. Each light energy pulse takes mere seconds and simultaneously treats many hairs; this makes it quick and easy to perform the procedure. Treatments typically last between 10 and 30 minutes, based on the size of the treatment area. Larger treatment heads are featured on hair removal systems for quicker treatment sessions.

Hair grows in different phases, and as such, multiple treatments are required to target the hair follicles during the growth stage. The majority of patients need between 4 and six treatments for long-lasting or permanent results. Over time, touch-ups could also be required. Following the first treatment, patients should see results in the form of smoother skin and hairs growing back weaker and more beautiful. The results will become more and more impressive and noticeable with each treatment until the destruction of all follicles is achieved, stopping hair growth.

What is the science behind it? How does it work?

Laser hair removal functions to destroy the hair follicle root. During treatment, light flashes are spread over the skin and immersed in the hair follicle by the melanin. The laser energy heats up and causes damage to the hair follicle, effectively stunting the cells responsible for stimulating regrowth. It should be noted that hair growth takes place in a cycle and effective hair removal is only possible during its active growth stage.

Each hair experiences three growth stages: the anagen, the catagen, and the telogen phase. The anagen stage or the growth stage is the phase in which the hair continues to grow actively. The catagen phase or the transitional phase occurs when there is a shrinking and detachment of the hair follicle from the papilla. The telogen phase or the resting phase involves the release and falling out of the old hair. As old hair sheds, there is reattachment of the hair follicle to the papilla, and the anagen phase is re-entered as the cycle is repeated.

Each body hair can be at a different growth cycle stage at any point in time. Therefore, multiple laser treatments are essential to target the hair in its anagen phase and to target numerous hair follicles in their growth stage.

What type of results can be expected by patients?

For desired results, the majority of patients need between 5 and eight treatments spread out over 4 to 6 weeks. Technology enables almost every patient, regardless of hair or skin type, to receive long-term results for removing unwanted hair. Lighter-haired patients could require more treatments; however, they will still get useful results after the treatments end.

For permanent results, the majority of patients need between 6 and 12 treatments. To target follicles during the growth stage, the procedures are spread out 4 to 6 weeks apart. Irrespective of the technology used, results will be experienced at different levels by patients, based on their hair color and skin type.

What’s the cost of treatments?

Pricing for hair removal varies according to the size of the treatment area, laser hair clinic, states and competitive markets. Based on a 2017 Beauty Pros cosmetology blog, the United States national average price range was High $900, Average $329 and Low $60.

The prices at the majority of laser hair clinic are based on the size of the treatment area. Additionally, laser hair clinic offers individual bundles and treatment packages to assist patients in saving more on several treatment plans and receiving treatment on more than one parts of the body.

Can patients save money on laser hair removal?

Patients can save money, time and pain with laser hair removal. A recent Harper’s Bazaar article compared the price of 3 hair removal sessions to 35 years of waxing continuously. The outcomes showed that laser hair removal cost less than a third of the amount of waxing.

What kinds of light-based hair removal are available?

The primary technologies used in permanent hair reduction are IPL (intense pulsed light) and diode (lasers) systems.

What is the distinction between IPL and laser treatment?

Instead of a single specific wavelength that targets melanin in the hair, a broad spectrum of light is produced by IPL; between 550 nm and 1200 nm. Lasers generate a concentrated light wavelength to target melanin in hair specifically. Typically, diode technology uses a wavelength between 800 nm and 810 nm. Otherwise, they both efficiently target hair to get optimal outcomes, and they work in the same way necessarily.

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Do At Home Laser Hair Removal Kits Work?

Many of us are searching through our closet or drawers for our sundress or bikini, now that summer is here.

However, many women associate summer with more extreme efforts to remove that unwanted hair. It can become incredibly tedious, with expensive and time-consuming trips to the salon, or buy one of those razors that supposedly will do a wonderful job, as many of us know only too well.

If waxing is just too painful and troublesome, you may be interested in one of the at home laser hair removal kits that some companies have introduced. One of the big appeals of these kits is that they guarantee you won’t have to keep doing this every year as the results will be permanent.

It can be difficult to figure out if these at home laser hair treatment products work as promised, and if so which is the best one for your money. It’s too soon to be sure if many of these products do give permanent results as the products are also new and haven’t been tested fully. It sounds too good to be true that if you buy one of these kits, you can permanently remove all your unwanted hair once and for all by sitting in front of the TV. And reading all the reviews and opinions from the beauty bloggers out there makes it all the more confusing.

How Do At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices Work?

Of course, the lasers in at home laser hair treatment kits aren’t as strong as those used by a professional, but they work in essentially the same way, by targeting and killing hair follicles. Most of these devices work by having you hold it in place for a few seconds until it indicates that a particular area has been treated, usually by flashing, beeping or shutting off. You then have to repeat the procedure on another area of your body after moving the device over a few centimeters.

The size of the area that you want to treat will give you some clue as to how long it may take you to do this at home; laser hair removal on your leg may take a while, as you can imagine. Treatments will need to be carried out weekly, or every other week and 10 to 15 minutes a session seems to be the time you will need to spend, according to the manufacturers.

To ensure you don’t mess up your treatment or hurt your skin, safety features are built into some of the more expensive laser hair removal products. Some devices, if they detect a darker skin tone, won’t put out a laser pulse.

Hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin can result from darker skin pigment being treated by a hair removal device. Because the technology in these at home devices isn’t advanced enough, they incorporate these safety features to protect customers. Different levels of intensity for those who are more pain sensitive, and a sensor indicating if the device is being held the right way are other common safety features in at home laser hair treatment devices.

Do They Work?

Whereas a laser clinic can confidently offer a hair removal amount of 100 percent, most of these at home devices will only remove between 60 and 75 percent of your unwanted hair, according to users. Stray hairs will appear occasionally, claim some beauty bloggers, meaning that the occasional touch-up session may be required. However, there isn’t any harm in trying one of these devices yourself, as they haven’t been known to cause injuries or damage the skin.

What’s Different From Having Hair Removal At a Laser Clinic?

A monochromatic beam using light rays of just one wavelength will typically be used as a professional laser clinic, whereas the devices used at home use IPL. This means they use a combination of low-range infrared radiation wavelengths and a polychromatic beam that uses the full spectrum. And of course, you have the help, support, and expertise of a trained medical professional if you go to a laser clinic to have your hair removed; at home, you don’t get that same support.

In addition to the skill and experience of your provider, the factors are the treatment protocol, the wavelength and the type of laser. You have the advantage of being given a treatment plan that has been personalized for you if you go to a professional clinic, while at home the devices assume everyone is the same. People shouldn’t be receiving the same laser treatments, as of course, no two people are exactly alike.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

It is safe to say that you probably won’t remove 100 percent of your unwanted hair by using an at-home laser hair removal device. Most of us just aren’t trained in how our bodies will react to the laser and don’t know anything about our hair growth cycle. However, now that you have a few more facts at your disposal, you should be in a better position to make an informed decision as to whether at home laser hair treatment is right for you.

To get permanent results, the wavelength has to be adjusted based on the skin type, skin color and type and thickness of the hair. However, these at home devices don’t allow that adjustment to be made or customized. So consider what sort of results you might realistically see, before buying one.

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