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What Everyone Should Know About Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is a stylish and alluring style of having a semi-permanent tattoo in hair strokes. The feel of microblading is natural and it does not wear-off in water or heat. Thus, you need not worry about those pool parties, and dance floors, as the microblading will last with you till the party ends! Microblading is now a trendy style, and eyebrow microblading is prominent in parties and social gatherings. So, let us learn about microblading from my own experience and use of this technique.

1. It is not a permanent tattoo.

Unlike traditional tattoos which make use of needle and are lasting, microblading does not make use of needles. The ink in microblading does not go deep, and it fades out eventually. This is perhaps the best feature as a person is not trapped with a single style with these microblading tattoos. Depending on your skin condition and lifestyle the tattoo will fade away in about 1-3 years. If you like your tattoo and like to retain it, you may keep them fresh by getting a touch up done every year.

2. The process has two steps.

Effective microblading follow these two steps:
Your first appointment + your second appointment for a touch up after four weeks.

If you understand this process, you can go for it properly. You must schedule the process at a time when you will be available for the second appointment a few weeks later. Put your tattoo plans on hold if you anticipate travel plans or other engagements. Sometimes the tattoo may seem to fade after the initial appointment. This is just temporary and the second appointment will ensure that the process is thoroughly checked and finalized to your satisfaction.

Here you can check my eyebrows before touch up and the one after touch up.

3. It appears much more to the eyes other than regular “filled brows.”

You are familiarized with your brows and are natural with the makeup on them. Often you prefer to fill them, even while having the hair strokes. With these tattoos filling your brow is less time consuming and you know exactly which parts to fill. This also holds true for tweezing as well.

4. Look out for only those artists who have an excellent reputation to handle this art professionally.

This form of style is an art and while certifications in this process are essential, but often it is limited to technical details. You need someone with artistic vision and creative insight. Try to look around for references and testimonials from others while selecting the artist. There are some fantastic artists in this field; however, it is not possible for everyone to reach her or get an appointment. Try to check out social media and learn about different artists, their working environment, and preferences to hygiene. You must also check out only those artists who hold valid licenses to perform this procedure. Proper homework will ensure that you can get this process done by the best artist around.

5. Some advice on selecting your shape.

Always instruct your artist to start with the brow. This will give you the idea of the shape, and you can settle in confidentiality for the permanent part! Try to make few expressions and check the sides. You may even take a picture for careful examination. Often people make a mistake of sticking to a particular style or following a new trend. You must not fall victim to this as not only it can make the process tiresome for the artist, but you may not get the desired results. Make sure your brows are evenly matched with the features of your face. Settle for a style which compliments your looks and don’t force yourself to follow a friend style which may otherwise look awkward on you!

This whole process is about YOU! Settle for only a style which looks good on YOU and compliments YOUR personality!

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