What Matters When It Comes To Organic Cosmetics in Canada

We spend so much time looking into the next products following the best organic skincare trend; what will make my skin younger? Softer? Smoother? What natural beauty ingredients are best to promote good skin health? Okay so maybe that last one often gets a miss. I mean sure we all want to say we are concerned with what matters when it comes to skin health and beauty, but I think for the most part women want to LOOK and feel their best so if they feel best part is all there is to look forward to they may forego it for the LOOK best part.

So…when it comes to cosmetic products the primary concern has always been what LOOKS best to reach my full beauty. Sure, there are those secondary considerations; Does it feel good? Does it smell good? What’s everyone else saying about it? Because let’s not forgotten that life often revolves in trends. What’s hot and what’s not, that is the simple math when it comes to consumerism, (definitely something we should further look into perhaps another time)

When first putting together the Naked Truth cosmetic line products I though why should we give up all those secondaries? Why should we have to forego anything for the sake of what makes us look good in the hopes that we can improve beauty on the outside and makes us feel good on the inside? Is that true by the way? I mean fake it till you make it only works for so long right?

How TNT Are The Top Vegan and Organic Cosmetic Brand in Canada You Need to Know About

Here comes the boring part…manufactured using only cruelty-free 100% vegan and 100% organic natural ingredients the cosmetic line products truly do check all the boxes. Our natural makeup and green beauty products can not only make you feel good about your purchase knowing that no cute (or even not so cute ) animals have been involved in the creation of what you’re about to put on your face.

Feel good about your purchase… check

Now, what about the actual feel good? Can these products check that box too? Of course, we can. Thankfully this stuff also goes on nice and easy, stays on, and smells great. Nothing heavy or greasy, no…,” ugh my lips feel like they’ve been wrapped in day-old chocolate pudding,” or “hey where did my liner go, why is it halfway down my cheek?” Gone are the days of powder blush products that make you feel like you’ve just added a snow flurry overtop of your foundation; the cheek tints are simply spectacular. Now I may be slightly biased since I have a huge hand in how they are, but let’s get real for a second… If I wanted to put some fast fashion type of cosmetic line product on the beauty market, I would leave that to the big wigs; after all, they’re the ones with all the cash, right? I’m simply one passionate person trying to make some simple dreams come true.

So …What Items Are In Our Naked Truth Skin Care Cosmetic Product Line?

Well first, there’s your glass smudge pot; true black gel liner. I start here because it is truly the best part, for me anyhow. This versatile gel liner can be applied using a range of techniques and brushes. With this liner, you choose your beauty endgame. Do you want to smudge it off the bat for a smoky eye look? No problem and the great thing is it doesn’t smudge any further once it’s dried and it won’t sit in the crease of the lid, you know that look? The one where all your eye makeup travels to those creases ultimately highlighting the sag in our lids? I am not a fan.

Maybe you just want that flawless cat-eye look? This is your jam too, or rather your gel because when the gel liner dries it sits still for the day. And I don’t mean sit’s still like some waterproof cosmetic products that won’t wash off without the right grit of sandpaper, this stuff comes to clean off later when the day is done, a simple makeup remover and bam…Gonzo

There are shadows, and glosses, they’re pretty self-explanatory though so should I bore you further here with more detail? They’re single packed and contain all the good stuff. There are even a few sparkle options in the gloss and the shadow for the occasion that requires a bit more glitz for your beauty.

The luminizer glass pot and the cheek tints that’s where my heart resides. I use them religiously. The luminizers work best with a brush and come in three different colours, champagne bubbles, satin pearl and rose gold, really and truly the only colours needed for a night out. Use them to highlight the cheekbone, the brow bone, or any other bone. They even add a nice bit of plump to the lip if done correctly to enhance that cupid’s bow. The cheek tints are like tubes of lipstick, so easy to bring with you, slightly creamy but not overly, just put a little on the cheeks for that perfect pinched look.

How The Naked Truth Skin Care Natural Make Up Brand Will Help, You Feel Great

So… feels good purchasing them…check

Feels good on?…. check

So that brings us to the final box… do they look good? Yep, they look great and they’re fun. We all need a little fun during these stressful times. Give them a whirl for yourself or pop into the studio and have a look, and by pop in I really mean phone first as there are some strict protocols in place. We have however made our Naked Truth Skin Care Product line easy for your online buying power game in Canada and worldwide.

Organic & Vegan Cosmetics Canada

Different Types of Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

female rejuvenating her skin with black mask

Most people don’t ever consider that their skin is an organ, like the heart, brain, kidneys, and other organs in the body. So, it’s easy to forget about addressing skin health, until a problem arises. But, the skin is essential to overall health, and its condition should not be overlooked.

The skin provides a protective barrier for the body. It helps keep infections and harmful organisms out. Proper skin care helps skin do what it’s meant to do. Developing a daily skin care regimen helps skin stay supple and can prevent wrinkles or fine lines. Proper skin care may even protect you from skin cancer. Taking proper care of your skin can boost your confidence in social situations. When skin looks good, it makes a more favorable impression on others, whether during an interview, on a date, or when meeting new people. The psychological benefits of being more confident and feeling good are additional reasons to take care of skin regularly. The best way to gain confidence is by caring for skin because it’s the first thing people usually notice.

Skin problems come in many forms. There are health issues that affect the skin and various cosmetic problems people face. Our focus is on skin problems and treatments related to cosmetic issues. Some of the most common skin problems include scarring from acne, age spots, sagging, and wrinkles. The treatments available for these conditions include laser rejuvenation, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, botox, fillers, and chemical peels.


This treatment removes darker age spots and minor acne scars. It can also be used to treat wrinkles, as the procedure can be done efficiently in the dermatologist or facial skin specialist’s office. The procedure will exfoliate the top layer of skin by suction, removing dead skin cells and crystals used in the exfoliating process. Some people may require more than one treatment, for wrinkle removal and treating other skin conditions.

Chemical peel

The chemical peel is sometimes known as chemexfoliation or derma peel. They are cosmetic procedures used to rejuvenate the skin and promote new skin growth. They are often used to treat irregular skin surfaces and remove lines or age spots caused by harmful UV rays. The strength of a chemical peel can vary, depending on the type of acids used in the solution. The most common ingredients in chemical peel solutions include alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and phenol.

Laser resurface

This procedure removes the outer skin layers, removing the damage. Resurfacing encourages grown of new skin cells in the layers below the outer layer of skin. It is currently used to reduce or eliminate wrinkles and smooth fine lines on the face and neck.

Skin rejuvenation

In this procedure, the laser uses infrared light to deliver heat below the surface of the skin. It’s used to remove wrinkles and tighten the skin, without using any surgical procedures. People like having an alternative such as this, to the conventional cosmetic surgery. Additional benefits of not needing anesthesia and quick recovery mean less time off from work or other important responsibilities.

Blue light treatment

Blue light treatments work by focusing on the bacteria that cause acne. When acne doesn’t respond to other skin care regiments, this therapy can be used in several weeks. The treatment usually causes no side effects and leaves skin undamaged.

Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense pulsed light is a facial skin treatment designed to target effects of UV damage, hereditary conditions, and signs of aging. Wrinkles, abnormal pigmentation, rosacea, noticeable veins, brown spots, and freckles can all be reduced or improved using IPL. The procedure requires no advanced preparation and no recovery time afterward. Both the blue light and intense pulsed light treatments are great alternatives for those with busy lives, who don’t want the inconvenience, pain, and recovery period of traditional cosmetic surgical procedures.


Thermage is a skin treatment used to tighten and improve the skin of the face and neck, which doesn’t involve any exfoliation. The treatment involves using radio frequency on the affected areas, with a device he is passed over the face. The tip comes in contact with the skin’s surface. The radio waves create heat in the thick layers of the skin, to help encourage collagen development and healthy new skin cells. The treatment usually results in tighter, smoother skin. Thermage does not require any preparation or downtime. For some, it may be a better option than laser treatment, because it can treat a variety of skin types. Also, the benefits of the treatment are usually noticed right away and tend to be longer lasting.

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