Hatha Yoga Feat. Sky Corbett

Have you heard of our #HathaYoga Drop ins? We will be offering 2 classes on July 9th – One at 5PM and one at 7PM! We’ll also have another session on July 10th at 7 PM. Classes includes tea and snacks. The price is $15, space is limited!!! Only 15 spots at that price. Each class can only have a maximum of 8 people.


Pitt Meadows Day is June 1st people🎉 Come down to the Naked Truth and take a turn at the Bean Bag Toss to win some awesome prizes!

Sink a bag into the 1 and get one entry to win the grand prize… If you sink it into the 3 you get 3 entries & 5 is 5

Then, take a picture and post it on fb or Instagram to make your entries legitimate 📸

If you invite people to come on down they will get an extra entry! Pitt Meadows day is June 1st so we are closed for services but open for fun and to watch the parade of course!

Details of the grand prize TBA🎁

TNT Happy Hour Party!

It’s Paarty Time at The Naked Truth Beauty Studio! Why is it Happy Hour you may ask? Because what makes a bunch of women happier than Clothes, Shoes, Handbags and Accessories?

The Naked truth is hosting it’s very own CLOTHING SWAP party. The rules are simple, bring in five things and leave with five things, or bring in 1 and leave with 1, the number of things you bring in is up to you and your closet.

We want everyone to enjoy their “new- to -them” clothes so let’s make sure we bring things that have some good wear left in them, because this can be the most affordable shot at a new wardrobe you’ve ever seen.

Any clothes left behind at the end of the party will be donated to the Ridge Meadows Hospice Thrift Store in Maple Ridge!

Okay okay okay it wouldn’t be much of a happy hour without the beverages so yes there will be wine and champagne and perhaps a snack or two as well. Theres a limit to the number of people we can have here so please rsvp asap through FB, Invite your friends, and start digging asap!

Stay tuned for awesome flash sales, new service releases, and studio news for the day of the event!


Sometimes it’s just time to throw in the towel on pencilling in the brows or strategically and methodically placing that eyeliner, making sure that each touch doesn’t ruin the overall symmetry of the eyes. Worse is the constant need to re-apply the lips, as if you could ever be happy with what they look like naturally.

The Naked Truth is now offering, in addition to Microblading, permanent make up solutions ️GIVE KIM A CALL TO BOOK a free consult ~ (604) 457 – 1888


Aromatherapy Massage & Hydrated Facial

Not sure what to get that special someone for the most romantic day of the year? Nothing beats a 90 minute aromatherapy massage followed by a relaxing hydrated facial. This special “Valentine’s Bliss” package will have your loved one feeling nothing but bliss, while still having a little left over for that special valentines dinner! You can purchase it on our online store by clicking HERE

Introducing Hydrating Facials

Introducing the VENUS GLOW✨
The macdaddy of all the Hydrofacials. We’re offering 50% off to the first 10 that phone in and book starting Monday January 14th.

The Naked Truth 2018 Fundraiser Follow Up

THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO SUPPORTED OUR FUNDRAISER TO DONATE OVER $6000 TO Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation and the McKenney Creek Hospice Residence

Special Thanks to Tow King Towing for donating the auctioned Benz that brought in $1800~

Thanks to Marks work warehouse for donating 150 hats for the fundraiser~

A special thank you to Ed Gurm for rounding up a bunch of donations for people that didn’t even attend~

Thanks again to all businesses that donated towards the silent auction. And raffle prizes~

Thanks to the Ridge Meadows Hospital foundation for your continued support~

An enormous thank you to Debbie at the Jolly Coachman for all of her efforts and all the extra goodies raised for the auction! Also thanks to the staff at the coachman for keeping things running smoothly and keeping everyone nicely fed

And finally… Thank you to all those that attended. You are what made the difference, without you there could be no fundraiser. Together we smashed last years number and can hopefully make a difference at the McKenney Creek Hospice! The money will be put to good use with possibly purchasing new comforters and a needed exam lamp!

Hope to see all you beautiful people next year! We’re going to make it huuge.

– Kim C.

The Naked Truth 2018 Fundraiser

On November 18th at 4:00 P.M, The Naked Truth, will be hosting its 2nd ANNUAL FUNDRAISER  It’s that time of year where we like to give back a little! SO, we’re sprucing things up and taking it to the next level.

Our studio is cute and welcoming but for a true party we need to spread our wings and really get our mingle on. So… we are having the fundraiser at our very own local neighbourhood pub, The Jolly Coachman Pub 

P.S ~ There’ll be a dinner and drink included in your ticket price.

Let’s talk about the events. First there will be painting, and not just any painting but wine glass painting brought to you by Paint Nite 

Enjoy some more drinks while you enter the various raffle prizes brought to you by some of our local Pitt Meadows favourites. Let’s not forget the 50/50, everybody loves a shot at winning those 

What better way is there to finish off your weekend than to know that you’re not only helping those in need but you’re also having fun doing it. It’s time to really bring together our little Naked Truth Community to get to know one another better!

Ticket price (includes painting with dinner and a drink) will cost $60.00 with all proceeds going to the McKenney Creek Hospice Residence care facility through Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation 

But, if you don’t see yourself sitting with a brush, come on down for dinner and a drink for only $30.00 

There is one little catch though, there is only 80 painting tickets and 70 dinner tickets for sale so you have to act fast!

Contact the Kim or drop by the studio to get your tickets!
www.thenakedtruthskincare.com / (604) 457 – 1888


Don’t know if you got the memo, but we are OBSESSED with our clients Hope you all had fun at our appreciation event and photoshoot! Here are some special shots of the night  a huge thank you to Hollypop Images – Caitlin Cowan for the fun photo shoot op! Stay tuned for more fun events for our loyal clients!

Is Laser Hair Removal Right For You? 7 Ways To Find Out

1) If you can’t afford laser hair removal, don’t have it.

You can assume that each treatment session will cost you between $200 and $400, depending on which area is getting the treatment, and you can also expect that you will need regular treatment sessions, often for several months. All of this adds up, although many people tend to overlook the total cost of laser skin care.

If you opt for the full permanent hair removal treatment process, you do have to accept the fact that it will cost you several thousand dollars. Of course, you have to be able to afford to pay that comfortably, and although most people benefit from the treatment, you should also be prepared for it not to work for you, regardless of how much you paid.

You may end up paying even more in the long run if you take advantage of the credit option that is offered by some clinics. You may decide that a more sensible solution is to have the full treatment at some point in the future once you have saved up the money needed to cover the total cost, and in the meantime look at temporary hair removal options.

2) If you don’t trust your clinic, don’t get laser hair removal there.

Finding a reputable and experienced clinic is a must, and that may mean doing some preliminary research or asking others for recommendations. The truth is that anyone can claim that they are qualified and able to carry out laser hair removal, as the procedure is not regulated in many countries, including the US.

Serious side effects such as skin burns can be a result of having the procedure carried out by someone who is unlicensed and inexperienced. However, laser hair removal is entirely safe when carried out correctly and with the right settings.

3) If you experience pressure tactics at your clinic, you may not want to have laser hair removal there.

It’s often all about making a sale and getting another customer, and many clinics resort to high-pressure selling. You may be offered a limited time discount for the service, although if you aren’t given any time to think about it and are expected to say yes immediately, you may want to avoid that facility.

Of course, it isn’t ethical for a clinic to pressure potential clients in this way, and considering the money you are spending and the effect the procedure can have, you should steer well clear of these tactics.

4) If you have a tattoo in the treatment area, you should not have laser hair treatment carried out.

Nasty burns and in some cases permanent scarring can result from having treatment if you have a tattoo in that area. That’s because the power of the laser is absorbed more by the tattoo’s dark pigment than by the surrounding skin.

5) If the FDA hasn’t approved the laser, you shouldn’t have the procedure carried out.

Your practitioner will be able to advise you the type of laser that is being used and whether the FDA database has it in their records. A laser that isn’t approved by the FDA isn’t safe and shouldn’t be used, although unfortunately there are many out there.

6) If your skin is dark and the laser isn’t suitable, don’t proceed with the treatment.

Some lasers aren’t compatible with dark skin color, including yours if you score higher than four on what is known as the Fitzpatrick scale.

7) If you can’t have a patch test, you shouldn’t have laser skincare or hair removal.

Although the procedure is perfectly safe, some people experience a severe reaction to the laser being used. To prevent the possibility of that happening, you should ask for the patch test carried our beforehand, in which a small patch test is carried out on your body.

Don’t proceed with treatment at any clinic that refuses to provide a patch test for whatever reason. A reputable facility is used for clients asking for that and will provide one, allowing you to make the best possible decision.

8) If you want to be 100 percent sure of your results before the treatment, don’t have laser hair removal.

Some people don’t respond well to the treatment, despite the effectiveness of this type of therapy having been proven in many clinical tests.

However, despite all the research, it still isn’t fully understood why sometimes even the ideal candidates don’t respond well – those with very light skin and dark, coarse hair. You should always assume you are taking a calculated risk, and gathering all the information you can to make your decision better is a must.

Laser Hair Remover Langley

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